Paul Wagner inspecting a shiny engagement ring from Reimer Jewelers in Oshkosh Wisconsin.
Custom ring from Reimer Jewelers

Our History

A passion for jewelry and a self taught knowledge of beautiful gemstones
is the path that led Paul Wagner to work at Reimer Jewelers ultimately as
the owner with his wife, Lauri by his side.


With Paul’s extensive knowledge, and Lauri’s gift for aiding in finding
the perfect piece for every occasion the pair make a great team.


Started by Herb and Helen Reimer in 1952 as a family owned business,
Reimer Jewelers is and always has been recognized as a quality jeweler with
a platinum (sterling) reputation for providing precious gifts for life’s most precious moments. The store changed hands in 1989 when daughter Susan Reimer Snider took the helm and continued the fine tradition of stellar customer service
and unique as well as the traditional selections.


With generations changing within the store, so too did the generations of customers relying on Reimer Jewelers. It was not uncommon for Reimer Jewelers to assist several generations within one family with a lifetime of fine jewelry.


Paul joined Reimer Jewelers in 1999 and soon was promoted to manager.
When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the well-regarded business, Paul jumped at it. Soon after Lauri joined her husband bringing love and family
fun to Reimer Jewelers.


And the rest, as they say is history. Today Reimer Jewelers maintains the tradition of providing extraordinary personal customer service, along with exceptional and beautiful jewelry to our many loyal and new customers who quickly become part
of the extensive Reimer Jewelers family.

Meet our Staff

Reimer's is dedicated to having skilled and knowledgeable team members to assist you in finding your perfect jewelry piece.

Our Standards

Reimer's mission is to provide top quality jewelry within an arrangement of prices.



Member of American Gem Society
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